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Creating Community, One Residence at a Time
Our Investment Focus
Our mission is to use real estate investment and development as a catalyst for community change, growth and vibrancy. We take a Social Ecological approach to acquisition, renovation and leasing, ensuring that the properties added to our portfolio are geographically positioned to fit with a resident market who care as much about the community and local environment as they do their own residences. We're not only investing in assets, but the system of people, homes, and communities they are located.

It may sound idealistic. But our approach results in long-term cash flow stability, leaving asset appreciation and other market-sensitive tactics as secondary strategies for growth. If you are an investor and would like to find out how, please contact us.
Carol M Lazo is Founder and Managing Director of Carol M Lazo Co. Since 2003, she has built an entrepreneurial career in management consulting with expertise in specialty market research, business planning and financial forecasting. Her unique understanding of people and systems catalyzed the launch of Carol M Lazo Co. in 2010. Lazo has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Babson College, and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Criminology from the University of California, Irvine.

  • Urban neighborhoods throughout California
  • Market rate repositioning opportunity
  • Triple Bottom Line (3BL) renovation

​Please contact us for specific property types, performance and investment opportunities.